About Us

Situated in the same location at 2230 Larkspur Lane since 1967, Lee’s Honda continues to offer the finest and largest selection of Honda, Kawasaki, and Polaris vehicles and accessories in the North State. They have expanded their showroom by 2,000 sq ft this year to accommodate the area’s rapid growth and interest in all things recreational. In addition, Lee’s has completed a massive 7,000 sq ft warehouse across the street to accommodate the demand for new product. The new warehouse is fully stocked and ready for virtually any order, anytime. Going out of their way to better serve their customers is an ongoing tradition at Lee’s. In charge of it all, as always, is Dean Lee.

Dean grew up in the Mojave Desert in Victorville. Out of necessity, at age 6, Dean received his first scooter so he could get to the school bus stop, which was too far away to walk. It was love at first ride!

Dean started his professional career as a bricklayer, but when he and his father, Monte, spotted an ad in a magazine offering motorcycle dealer franchise opportunities, he knew what he had to do.

In 1966 Dean and his father built the 2,000 sq ft building on Larkspur Lane and officially opened the doors to the public on September 10th, 1967 with just one hundred dollars left over for accessories which consisted of a can of oil, a box of spark plugs, and a motorcycle tire.

The secret to Dean Lee’s success is not really a secret at all, just an old fashioned notion that the customer always comes first. “Just take care of the customer and they will take care of you,” says Lee. His staff is trained extensively, from sales to service, and it shows in the amount of repeat business they receive. Dean says he has some repeat clients that go back four generations, which is certainly unusual in today’s society.

Lee’s Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris has an extensive Parts Department to support their broad range of products and to compliment their state of the art Service Department. If you need a part, give them a call. Additionally, Dean has expanded his line of motorcycle tires with the relocation and renovation of a new “tire room” which is specializing in a full line of motorcycle tires with immediate service to get the customer back on the road.

Dean comes across as a humble, down to earth businessman, and a generous one as well. He donates to his church, the Rescue Mission as well as many other charities too numerous to mention. An avid outdoorsman, the Nor-Cal Boat, Sport, and RV show is close to his heart. He has participated in each and every show since its’ inception, and this year is no different. It’s one of his favorites due to the focus on great show discounts, exceptional pricing, and the festive, family atmosphere this area is famous for. Make sure you drop by the store and congratulate Dean, his family, and his friendly staff on over forty years of offering top of the line products and exceptional customer service in Redding and the North State.